A Place


There is a depth where you must never fall
where only death’s road exists
where the courage to rise and go on
is less than the passion to die.
Not a place to close down mind and heart,
but a space to plan with steely calm
the mechanics of an accidental end

where all life’s pains and joys have been relived
pacing the mind’s cold cell,
struggling with life’s old traumas
and the making moments of your hell,
seeing it all again in detached calm
till the pattern is resolved; and still
die the embers of life’s ancient will.

If by some chance you visited here and by
mischance survived, you keep
that empty place forever in your heart,
knowing the thin pane that hangs
between life’s light and the pure black beyond.
Not for you the comfort of a dream,
for you have seen, have seen, have seen.


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