About My Poetry

Chance makes us what we are. When I was nine years old, the class were asked to write a poem at school, mine, called ‘Up in the sky’, was considered the best. You will not find that poem in this collection, but it gave me recognition. I do not remember much of my childhood, but that day I recall. If I had produced the best picture I may have become an artist! In such small ways are we moulded as we grow.

I did not begin writing in earnest again until I was twelve, perhaps as an outlet during those miserable years. I wrote poetry, music, some stories and a few plays. By the age of fifteen I was writing masses of sonnets. All of these exist, but are not included here. When I left school to go to sea the writing stopped, except for the occasional scribble, until I arrived in Wales.

Many poems were written during four glorious years spent in Wales when I was twenty two to twenty six years old. They are filled with the music of Wales, the Language, the Scenery, the freedom. Some of these were published in a booklet of which the reviewer said I had nothing to say but said it very well! Only two appear in this book. Except for a few efforts the well dried up for the next twenty years as I invested my energies into the ‘rat race’. When I retired the old magic returned, and I picked up the pen where I laid it down all those years before.

Some of the poems were written in or are about New Zealand and are poor thanks for the wonderful six months that I spent rediscovering my family and touring that beautiful, dramatic and above all friendly country.

The poems are categorized into ‘chapters’ and I hope that I have got this about right. Hopefully it helps the reader, for instance, by bringing all the family poems together. I am a little uncertain about the titles especially ‘In-laws’ but haven’t come up with an alternative. Without this distinction the ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ poems can be very confusing.

A number of these poems have been published and have won prizes but I feel that you should judge for yourself, not leave it to editors.

I hope you enjoy this selection, and if you have time let me know what you think. As I have said elsewhere whether you are an academic, a poet yourself, a poetry lover or just a plain John Doe like me, please leave your comments.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nigel
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:26:18

    You know I like them, Ken, and you know those I think are especially good. I’m never sure if you realise how subtly you control the pace at which the words move – especially at times the wonderfully ‘falling’ final lines. Nigel.


    • Ken Osborne
      Apr 11, 2014 @ 20:11:10

      I think I have said before that I write with my ears! I love the sound of words, especially the rhythm, but also alliteration sibilance and rhyme. Whilst I don’t attempt to follow particular formats (sonnets etc., the music of the classical poets rings in my head. So glad you like it. I have to say it is not deliberate, it’s the way it comes, rather like a dialect or accent that can’t be suppressed.


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