NIGEL HORN, the finest English tutor ever. I may be biased but in those miserable years at the Grammar School his was the only class I was really interested in. He has an extraordinary love for the English language and poetry especially and his enthusiasm was infectious. We still keep in touch sporadically and he has provided invaluable criticism and advice over the years.
DORIS SAER My wife’s mother, who gave endless help and encouragement during those glorious years in Wales. I can still hear her voice reading her own poetry. She introduced me to Dylan Thomas’s poetry, and the town (a few miles from her home) where he lived.
CLEM THOMAS who wrote a column in the Carmarthen times , published my poem about Dylan and also had it (to my surprise) printed on the back of the brochure for the internationally renowned performance of ‘Under Milk Wood’ in Laugharne.
TIM LOVE and the Cambridge Writers Poetry Workshop. I learned so much from Tim and the members of the group about poetry of all kinds. Tim is an inexhaustible supply of information on poetry. Check it out here
All my friends at the CAMBRIDGE POETRY GROUP dead and alive for their encouragement, the fun we had with words over the years, and for the discipline of writing to a set theme each month.
My son MARK without whose help I would not have been able to create this web site. Vist his blog here
Lastly STELLA my wife, who has given her support and encouragement unstintingly over the years.

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