Departure Minus One


Is it the 20 denier navy blue socks
that you asked me to buy the other day
then changed your mind,
or that you could have bought today
whilst you were in the shop
but changed your mind
thinking you had ordered some,
or the white top you didn’t buy in Bury
which was all my fault for trying
to say what you wanted to hear?

I am tired from my long walk with the dog
who knows something’s amiss
but not that we will be gone three weeks,
and my lap is trapped in his sleeping.
I am winding down – down the runway –
javelining into a Windows 95 sky.
Come on, follow my vapour trail.
You will like the compartmentalised meals
and the stewardesses, probably have a glass
of wine and watch the film. Don’t worry.
Don’t worry, I’ll lend you a pair of my socks.


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