I Can Float You Here


Dunedin seashore

Here on the world’s far side
throughout your night the blinding sun
brings flowers agape and flying wild
on sandy hill,
the foam that trails arched waves
falling in the sea’s jade throat
draws back the sand and joins the miles
that separate us.

But I can float you here
out of your town-lit clouds of night,
garland you with wild lupins
on the trembling sand:
golden as the evening sun
can hold you in my arm’s crook
touch your cheek, your mouth, your hair,
kiss you kiss you in the air.

Your face is in the foam
hair glistening in the waves’ curl
eyes coals at the sea’s edge
arms stretched up the shore;
yet slow the sea draws you away
back across the world’s great dome.
I hear you cry! Your hand’s last touch
burns with the love that hurts so much.


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