Sun’s smile flashes behind clouds,
is swallowed by horizon’s down-turned mouth,
(she irrepressible, he in misery).
Fire blushes the sky’s edge,
shadow’s fleshless arms grope east,
day’s final calm soft kiss of breeze
death-sighs at dying dusk.
Coming-home time. Slow awareness
of fading shadow’s travesty of self.


Stars glimmer night’s black face
wreathed by chiffon clouds,
(he breaking down, she breaking out)
chill moon-mist mouths
last gasps of ice skinned love.
Shrouded by the earth’s, day’s shadows
sleep unbreathing through night’s terror,
cold 3 AM in silent scream
injecting dark into the heart.


Birds scratch silent sky,
daylight bleeds through dark,
(he in anger, she in sadness).
Rain bursts slate-blue clouds,
day’s glistening embryo crawls
reluctantly out of the arch of night;
through chasms of broken cloud
frustrated sun blinks,
shadows touch and part.


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