Riverton Rocks


The seal lies safe among the rocks.
Black clouds loom
above a diluted sun.
The sea sizzles and sweeps
in long white shingle loops
singing in endless shanty
with hints of salty deeps
where there is neither sun
nor wave nor river nor wind
but the surge of darkness
pushing on coral and crab,
eel and octopus,
all the swimming spectres
of a dark and colourful,
heavy and peaceful place.

Out of his world
for this eccentric moment
comes the great brown seal
to rest from his wounds,
wriggling and stretching,
propped on gnarled rocks
seeking some comfort and peace
and healing.

And I, leaning on my rock
beyond the surface
of my own deep world
share in this same place
a moment of healing
among the crags
of an age old peace.


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