Do not touch! I am too fragile
for your fingertips.
The morning sun has splashed the
world into my eyes,
jangled my nerves.
Please let me lie,
just for a while,
and move about
with lowered voice and softer tread.

At long last the beast that paced
all night inside my head
is still, so let me lie,
maimed as I am, a longer while.
The walls no longer hide dark caverns
of dread, the spectred dark
that froze my heart so often through
the night, is cold and dead.

Poised on the edge of hell and heaven,
I dare not breathe too deep
but hold this trembling stillness
against the nightmare of the night.
Go! Go about your sparkling day,
leave me alone
that I might close my eyes again
and seek a dreamless sleep.


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