Also Known as Tommy

Tommy was a toe-tapper, a scoundrel and a rogue
but when it came to washing up, Tommy was in vogue;
for every day as he washed the pots and stood them all in line
he dreamed about a dishwasher to make them really shine.

One day it was too much to bear, he had to have an ale;
then he robbed his piggy bank and went off to the sale:
and there it stood in the electric shop all shiny white and new
and within the day was all plumbed in standing straight and true.

He read through the instruction book, then read it once again
until the use of the buttons bright was absolutely plain,
then with a flourish he flung the door as wide as it would go
and as he stared at the shining parts he said with a loving glow;

“We can’t put dirty pots in here, this is a special place
built with the engineer’s skill and artist’s subtle grace,
we’ll have to rinse them all before we fill this grid
and the dirtiest ones we’ll rub and scrub before we close the lid!”

And so it is each day he stands proud before the sink
washing all the dishes with a scrub and rub and clink.
He’s quite a boy with the suds and Joy, a regular swisher swasher
but there’s not a stain on the sparkling drain
of his new and swish dish washer.


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